Sunday, April 12, 2009

Want free microsoft points and more?

It's really simple to make microsoft points in 3 steps
1 sign up
2 Do EASY offers! And yes most are free
3 Reap the rewards!
4 It doesn't even have to be microsoft points. You can request anything!
Do you need free microsoft points for the new Halo map packs or for other downloadable content? If free microsoft points are what you really need, then continue reading because you can obtain them very easily with just a few hours work.

Obviously, there is no way anybody can afford to give out completely free microsoft points; however there are ways for you to freely compensate them and they can then afford to give you your free microsoft points. It's easy, free, and completely risk-free.

The first thing you'll need to do is head on over to this site , You need to sign up for your account. Once you are signed up you are ready to start the process. Head on over to the tab that says "offers". Click on this. Then at the top of the new screen it will have categories, click "free". This will give you a list of all the offers than can be done for free. I, for example, have 21 pages or more worth of free offers. Click on an offer, fill in the required information, and wait for it to credit.

Once you have 20 points you can request your 1,600 free microsoft points and they will be sent direcetly to your email. That means your parents wouldn't know that you got the codes if it makes any difference to you. It's not shipped, they email you the code and then you simply enter it into your xbox and you're playing that premium Xbox content in no time.

Once you've gotten your free ms points you can continue to earn points for things like free xbox live, free xbox controllers, and even free xbox games! This is completely free, there are no strings attached, and it's very easy to do. So get started here today!